VIDEO: Niklas Hjalmarsson potential game-winning goal controversial call

Brandon Saad and Kyle Quincey

With the third period of their pivotal Game 7 showdown winding down and Chicago locked in a 1-1 tie with Detroit, Blackhawks defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson hit a clutch goal to put his team up 2-1 over the Red Wings.

The goal, however, was called off by ref Stephon Walkom. Just as Hjalmarsson was shooting, coincidental penalties on Chicago’s Brandon Saad and Detroit’s Kyle Quincey were called well away from the play.

It appears that Quincey leveled Saad into the bench, igniting the scuffle which drew the fouls and negated the goal.

Do you think it was a good call? Sound off in the comments below!

[H/T CBS Sports]

  • jnkntrnk

    Saad was just going for the puck on Zett’s. I hope he continues his energy against the Kings- he has too!

  • Chitown nasty

    Call was total garbage…”mutual minor”, “coincidental minor” my ass. Saad got shoved over into the Detroit bench and punched in the face, and they called the goal off. That ref is lucky as all hell the Hawks scored in OT. Having the second goal called off in a series due to controversial officiating is absolute garbage.