Norman the Scooter Dog does his thing at Rangers-White Sox game [Video]

norman the scooter dog rangers white sox game

Ron Burgundy would argue that Baxter is the most talented dog out there and he would have a fair point.

However, Norman here would definitely give ole’ Baxter a run for his money — or should we say, a scoot for his money.

This is Norman the Scooter Dog (yes, the name just about says it all), who headlined the Texas Rangers’ “Bark in the Park” event on Tuesday against the White Sox.

This intrepid puppy starts off on a bike, then rolls hard on a scooter, and then even has the wherewithal to throw out the first pitch (well, he carried it, but let’s not hate, folks, it’s a dog after all).

We’re not even mad. We’re impressed.

Just for kicks, let’s pit Norman’s great day of work against Baxter as he dispenses some sage advice:

h/t: Bush League Chronicle