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Bulls fan faceplants into railing on live TV, smashing jaw in process [Video]

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chicago bulls fan faceplant railing smashed

It’s been quite some time since any Chicago Bulls fans have had any real reason to get smashed and run around town celebrating (and it’ll be a little while longer since D. Rose has decided he’s never playing basketball again; yes, that’s harsh, but this is a frustrated Bulls fan you’re talking to here).

But that doesn’t mean we can’t get smashed and run around town with the best of ‘em.

In fact, this dude should have tried running over climbing. His attempt to move up literally a step or two behind the Bulls’ live broadcast crew during the Bulls’ Game 2 victory over Brooklyn did not end exactly as he would have liked.

Let’s hope this guy’s broken jaw doesn’t keep him out as long as Rose — burn.

[Related: The Bulls' bench celebrations are the secon-dbest part of their Game 2 win, after this drunk guy]

h/t: Busted Coverage

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