Chandler Harnish and Matt Hasselbeck settle No. 8 jersey with half court shot [Video]

chandler harnish matt hasselbeck number 8 half court shot

Matt Hasselbeck wore the No. 8 jersey through the years as a starter in both Seattle and then Tennessee. He recently signed a free-agent deal to back up Andrew Luck in Indianapolis, but perhaps he should have done a little more research before inking his name on the dotted line.

His normal jersey number was already taken by another backup passer in the 2012 NFL Draft’s Mr. Irrelevant, Chandler Harnish.

In an effort to score his familiar number, Hasselbeck wanted to settle it the only way any conflict should be decided: A half-court basketball shoot-off, of course.

Given one shot attempt, Hasselbeck was going to pay Harnish $8,000 for the number if Harnish could find himself the bottom of the net.

What happens next is pure Hoosier-state basketball gold.

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[H/T CBS Sports]