Detroit’s Doug Anderson pulls off 360, through-the-legs dunk at 2013 College Dunk Contest

doug anderson dunk 2013

For those of you who missed the College Baskeball Slam Dunk Contest, well, we don’t feel bad for you, but we’re worried about your health.

Everyone should be spoon-fed a dose of Doug Anderson highlight tapes on a nightly basis. The Detroit star was in Atlanta, the site of the 2013 Final Four, on Thursday night for the dunk contest festivities.

And he absolutely stole the show.

Here, Anderson rocks a 360, through-the-legs slam on his very first attempt en route to winning the whole thing.

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If you aren’t impressed yet, here are all four of his dunks that won him the title belt. Simply put, Anderson has got some mad hops.

Top video via Big Lead Sports, GIF via Bleacher Report, Bottom video via ESPN YouTube

  • dcr

    awesome… but this was no 360. the kid took of while his back was in front of the rim. more like a perfectly executed 180. still a lot better than the crap during the nba dunk contest.

  • Paul Eckman

    Kalamazoo boy…Kalamazoo Central…dude can fly !

  • Check The Film

    That was NOT a 360. 180 is being generous. Then again, I can barely lift the remote while eating Cheetos on the couch, so whadda I know.

    • savion



    cool dunk but not a 360. more like a 580. still cool but not all that it was hyped up to be.


    180 sorry

  • savion

    that shit was nasty

  • camiam

    It’s a 360. And impressive. Get ready to count your millions, kid. For the couch potatoes, *(&%$ off. Drink more haterade.