Kevin Ware delivers his Top Ten on Letterman Show

kevin ware david letterman show

Injured Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware is beginning his long road to recovery and along the way he has received a bit of fame for the gruesome injury he sustained.

On Thursday night, Ware made an appearance on the Letterman Show via satellite feed and unveiled his Top Ten thoughts going through Kevin Ware’s mind.

10. What was that loud cracking sound?

9. I hope this doesn’t leave a bruise.

8. Hey, look—my tibia!

7. Ouch.

6. Did it go in?

5. Oh, boy… hospital food!

4. Tape it up, coach, I’m staying in.

3. They fired Leno?

2. Heat, then ice, or ice, then heat?

1. At least my bracket’s not busted.

[H/T USA Today Sports]

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  • nygirl

    Way to go! Make the best of it and a good attitude will help rehab and healing.

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  • tyrik

    boy ik that dang well it hurt it was like a big boom sound

  • Verna Carmon

    What a fine young man,i’m impressed by the whole team,everyone included.Pray for a speedy and complete recovery for this young man.