Les Miles answers reporter’s cell phone during Spring Game press conference [Video]

les miles cell phone press conference

Before the cameras get rolling on player and coach press conferences, the media members in attendance quickly get up from their seats and put their voice recorders close to the podium. Later, those reporters have all the quotes they need, obviously.

Well, with smart phones as ballin’ as they are these days, some reporters have decided to skip going with the standard voice recorders and instead simply download a recording app.

Generally a great idea, except for when it rings, of course. Luckily, one reporter had Les Miles actually answer it and try to speak with the caller on the other side.

We say ‘luckily’ because it was the Mad Hatter. Can you imagine if Coach Boom over at Florida or Saban in Tuscaloosa were to have this happen in one of their pressers?

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h/t: Bush League Chronicle