Oregon mascot and Macklemore rock ‘Thrift Shop’ on Eugene campus [Video]

Photo courtesy @BleacherReport

Photo courtesy @BleacherReport

It happened, and every other college mascot in the country needs to be absurdly jealous.

Already the most fashion-forward, new-school athletics program out there, Oregon just continues to get cooler and cooler. On Saturday, the one and only Macklemore rocked out his go-to song, “Thrift Shop,” and who was there to join him on stage?

That’s right, The Duck, Oregon’s intrepid mascot.

Talk about poppin’ tags.

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Video courtesy @UOPintens

  • http://www.FiShDuck.com Kurt Liedtke

    It is NOT Puddles.
    “Puddles” was the live duck that students captured and held on sidelines from 1920 – 1946…after numerous complaints over capturing wild birds, Oregon changed to a human costumed mascot known as “The Duck.”
    The Duck ≠Puddles

    • http://Gamedayr.com/ Gamedayr Media network, LLC

      Thank you for the insight Kurt, we appreciate it.

  • Will Peters

    This photo is not from bleacher report. It is in fact mine, If proper credit is not given to @therealwcp or removed I will pursue legal action.

  • Will Peters

    Bleacher Report stole my photo