Video: Oregon State gets wet ‘n wild with slip ‘n slide following practice

oregon state slip 'n' slide

Generally speaking, when college guys are spotted on a Slip ‘n Slide, some sort of beer-and-funnel combination can be spotted nearby.

In the case of the Oregon State football team, however, the chance to slip – and then slide, of course – provided just a little good old fashioned fun. Following the offseason grind as the Beavers gear up to make a run at a Pac-12 title, this served as a great break and team-building experience.

“It’s just a change-up, a little curveball for everybody that gets them out of the box,” said head coach Mike Riley. “It relaxes everybody a bit, and they laugh. Things need to be fun. If it’s not fun for [the players] then we’re in the wrong deal.”

The players were definitely appreciative of the surprise slip ‘n slide. In fact, they will work that much harder knowing their coach has their back.

“This shows Coach Riley — there’s no limit to what he can surprise us with,” said running back Storm Woods, “We’ve been giving it our all out here during fall camp. Double-days, single-days. To be rewarded like this, it’s just a big ‘thank you’ from [Riley]. I love playing for that man.”

We’re pretty sure Riley smiles more in this short video clip than Nick Saban has in his entire time at Alabama, for whatever that’s worth.

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