Video: Oregon and Texas players engage in dance-off at Alamo Bowl

The Oregon Ducks and Texas Longhorns “brought it” to the Alamo Bowl’s talent show dance-off. Players from each team participated in stomping the stage, showing off their best moves, and even getting into a back-and-forth battle at one point.

This dance-off sparked a new idea: make meaningless bowl games an all-around competition, using both pre-game festivities, such as this dance competition, and the actual game to determine the winner. Televise the battles leading up to the main event, giving each bowl the opportunity to generate even more revenue. Each bowl can have one main competition that it’s known for, such as an Outback food eating contest. Just imagine the people that would tune in to to see a bunch of beefy lineman try to put down as much food as humanly possible.

Back to reality: Oregon and Texas will kickoff on Monday, Dec. 30 at 6:45 p.m. ET.

[Thanks to College Spun for the dance tip]