Padres announcers spot attractive female fans with hot dog hats, hilarity ensues

padres dodgers hot dog heads announcers

Fox Sports San Diego announcers Dick Enberg and Mark Grant spotted two healthy-looking young ladies with some pretty funky hats on Tuesday night. The two ladies realize they are on camera and their little posturing seems to really impress Enberg, although Grant just seems plain fixated on those Dodger Dogs.

Grant: “Hey! Hot dog heads!

Enberg: “Hubba! Hubba!”

Grant: “I crushed two of those last night after the game.”

Enberg: “Oh, the hot dogs, yeah. You crushed those.”

Where’s Brent Musberger when you need him?

Those Dodger Dogs look pretty legit, if you know what we’re saying:

[H/T: The Big Lead]