Video: Pass interference no-call on Rob Gronkowski to end Carolina-New England game

Monday night’s game between the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots ended in controversy when the refs picked up a flag in the end zone. The non-call sealed the 24-20 win for Carolina.

At first it appeared pass interference was going to be called on Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly, as he grabbed New England tight end Rob Gronkowski in the end zone. However, the referees ruled that the ball, which was intercepted by Carolina, was not catchable.

Following is video of the questionable play. Do you think that pass interference should have been called?

  • brainpup

    This was one of the easiest calls for the Ref’s to make all night long, and they got it wrong. The Flag was thrown for a reason, you just can’t go and pick it up and say the Games over….They showed the replay right there on the big screen just seconds after it happened and the whole World saw that it was pass interference or at the least Defensive holding !!!
    For God sake man Kuechly was mugging Gronk….

    This was way to important of a Game to let end on this kind of calll.

    New England should have gotten the ball on the 1 yard line.

    Instant Replay is there for a reason, if these Ref’s don’t know how to use it, or don’t make the proper call when it is plainly evident, they should be fired and bring in someone else who is better qualified.

    New England got robbed.

    note: I live in Charlotte and I feel bad about taking the Win…..