Video: Paul Finebaum calls Lane Kiffin the ‘Miley Cyrus’ of college football

lane kiffin miley cyrus

According to Paul Finebaum, Lane Kiffin is the “Miley Cyrus” of college football – and honestly, the connection is there.

Kiffin has ridden to the top almost exclusively on the coattails of his father, Monte. He was named the head coach of the Oakland Raiders at the age of 31. No one gets that type of opportunity without some major connections.

Cyrus’ father is the one and only Billy Ray, a famous singer that helped her land the gig as Hannah Montana.

In both cases, fans have been given a show, but more of the “train wreck” variety. Sorry Kiffster, but when Finebaum’s ripping on you and you’re not in the SEC, you know you’ve got issues.

[H/T Bleacher Report]