Video: Pittsburgh Steelers inches from pulling off miracle vs Dolphins

Trailing 34-28, with no time left on the clock, the Pittsburgh Steelers were inches away from pulling off a miracle against the Miami Dolphins.

After a completed pass from Ben Roethlisberger on the right side of the field, the Steelers lateraled the ball back to the left side. Roethlisberger then found wide receiver Antonio Brown, who weaved his way through players on the left sideline and into the end zone. Unfortunately for Brown and the Steelers, he barely stepped out of bounds at the 13 yard line.

If Brown would have kept his foot in, the Steelers would have had a 5-lateral, 79-yard touchdown and a tie ballgame. Instead, the Steelers have been eliminated from playoff contention.

Here’s a look at Roethlisberger’s lateral to Brown, courtesy of @CorkGaines. If Brown had not stepped out, there’s a chance that this would have been ruled a forward pass in the review.

  • tyke65

    No question – forward lateral. Should have ended right there