Prince Harry serenades Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin on her 18th birthday

Prince Harry broke into a "Happy Birthday" rendition for Missy Franklin's birthday (Photo courtesy For The Win)

Prince Harry broke into a “Happy Birthday” rendition for Missy Franklin’s birthday (Photo courtesy For The Win)

Most 18-year old girls enjoy birthday serenades from their friends and family.

Very few have “Happy Birthday” sang to them by a member of the Royal Family, but such was the case at an event on Friday night in Colorado.

None other than the world’s most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry, serenaded four-time Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin for her 18th birthday.

The night began between the two when the Prince lightly teased Franklin about her medal count. She won four gold medals, as well as one bronze, meaning she’s missing something.

“So you went straight from bronze to gold,” he asked with mock incredulousness. “What about silver? You skipped that one!”

Her googly eyes in the photo above show a young woman who can’t believe that hours of swimming resulted in a birthday present from a real-life prince. Her words reflect the same.

“I love the Royal Family,” Franklin said at the event. “All my friends can’t believe how lucky I am to be here.”

It’s not luck. This isn’t a Disney movie. It’s hours, days, weeks, years spent in a swimming pool.

Then again, Franklin probably felt a lot like a princess during her birthday.

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