KTLA video news report on third Titus Young arrest in less than one week

titus young arrested three times one week

After being arrested twice in a span of hours, former Detroit Lions second-round pick  Titus Young was arrested a third time only days later. This time, he had climbed onto the roof of a house and was looking to break in.

KTLA News-Los Angeles provided the key details on the former Boise State star’s third arrest. They also interviewed both Bill Palttos, the owner of the home Young attempted to break into, as well as Lt. Joe Balicki of the Orange Country Sherrif’s Department.

The video is below, but first, those close to Young are hoping to explain to the nation precisely the gravity of the situation.

Obviously, this is a serious case of wasted talent in a young man capable of so much more than he is currently up to.

We can only hope that Young receives the proper help and gets his life back on track.

[Why so serious? After Titus Young’s third arrest, the memes just could not resist]

Video courtesy The Idaho Statesman