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Video: Richard Sherman was mic’d up for NFC Championship Game

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Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all heard what happened after the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Championship over the San Francisco 49ers. Richard Sherman put Michael Crabtree on blast in a legendary interview with Erin Andrews. It will, undoubtedly, go down as one of the most epic post-game rants in NFL history.

Now we get a chance to hear Sherman in action during the waning moments of the matchup. The star cornerback was mic’d up for the contest. Just before the 49ers final drive, Sherman tells his teammates on the sidelines that, “they about to try me, they about to try me, I’m going to capitalize.” Capitalize he did, tipping the ball into his teammates hands for an interception.

Following the end of the game, Sherman runs over to Crabtree and tells him, “hell of a game, hell of a game.”

[Thanks to Field Gulls for dropping the mic]

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