Video: Rogue tee shot hits ball on another hole at 2013 U.S. Open

carl pettersson errant shot us open

There’s a reason why winning the U.S. Open automatically brings fame and fortune: As a Grand Slam event, it is always one of the most difficult courses in the world.

Just ask Carl Pettersson. The native Swede shot seven for a double bogey on the fourth hole, which is no fun at all. On the very next hole, just as Pettersson was going into his backswing, a ball flew in and knocked his directly out of its official landing spot.

Apparently, the ball was an errant shot coming in from another hole altogether. What are the odds?

We have no idea what those odds might be, but star Ole Miss baller puts the US Open into pretty good perspective:

Pettersson definitely agrees. As of writing, he was tied for 38th at +2.

[Video via Busted Coverage, Vine via For The Win]