Ryan Lochte dumped by girlfriend Jamiee Hollier during reality show at Dragonfly [Video]

ryan lochte girlfriend dumped reality showWas I the only one that didn’t realize Ryan Lochte had a girlfriend? According to Daily Mail, Lochte and 23-year-old British brunette Jamiee Hollier have been dating for four years.

Wait a minute, four years? Wasn’t he just taking girls to dinner at Dragonfly in an earlier episode?

She was reportedly introduced a few episodes ago; shows how much I’ve been keeping up with Gator Nation’s finest.

Here’s the video of the unfortunate moment for Lochte while he was simply trying to enjoy a Dragonfly Roll.

Here’s a photo of Hollier, via Twitter.

jamie hollier ryan lochte girlfriendThis situation can only pose one question: What would Ryan Lochte do?