Video: Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ throws out first pitch at Seattle Mariners game

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Photo via Tyler Pollard/Twitter

If there is anything we love more than sports, well, it’s nothing. But science is pretty cool, too.

And by science, we really just mean Bill Nye condensing mind-boggling physical concepts into half-hour segments and VHS specials.

So when we learned that The Science Guy was still going strong, and about to throw out the first pitch at Friday night’s Seattle Mariners game, we had to investigate.

Here are our (extremely scientific, of course) findings: The man has still got more swagger in the protons and photons of his little finger than this humble blogger could muster in a decade.

Just look at the bow tie. Look at the jersey. If only “swagger” was something we could scientifically quantify.

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Enjoy Mr. Nye as he saunters right on up to the pitcher’s mound, like a Big Bang Theory BAMF.

[GIF via Cut4]

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Photo via Cut4/Twitter