Video: Was Steve Spurrier drunk during his weekly coach’s show?

steve spurrier drunk video

From the sounds of it, the Head Ball Coach had about one cocktail too many before sitting down to tape the most recent episode of “The Steve Spurrier Show.” Fast-forward to the 11:55-mark in the clip below to get the fun started – it really sounds like the South Carolina coach got the party going far earlier than the show. We can only hope he was shotgunning beers shirtless outside of the studio, a la Nascar style.

Spurrier slurs his words talking about running back Mike Davis’ star effort in a tight, 28-25 win over UCF on Saturday. After an extra-long commercial break (presumably to get the guy a giant glass of water?), he is back on the air and blaming himself for allowing teams back into games.

“The biggest thing we have to do is we have to coach better, me included,” he said. “We got an 18-point lead, we can’t let the other team get back in the game. We did it against Vanderbilt, and we let them get back in the game. So we got to quit that crap if we’re going to be a good team this year.”

Pretty candid right there, Coach.

A little too candid, from the looks of it. Spurrier was only on-air personally for a few minutes of his own show (but he managed to give the fans a rousing thumbs-up for selling out the Kentucky game). The episode was not made available for viewing online afterwards like every other taping has been, and the scheduled re-airing never happened.

Conspiracy? We think yes. Of course, all we really want to know is how we, personally, can have some cocktails with the Ol’ Ball Coach.

[H/T: Lost Lettermen]

  • William Rhoads

    You guys can not let spurrier alone! The press has never Like him and when he produces they like him even less! Get a life and write a real story for TMZ!