Still USC: Two Trojan alums spoof Dr. Dre in new rap music video

still usc trojans rap music video

The one and only Dr. Dre, along with mogul Jimmy Iovine, recently donated a zillion dollars ($70 million to be precise) to establish a four-year undergraduate program for students interested in a mix of the arts, visual design, entrepreneurship, computer science and marketing.

These two guys won’t be able to take part in any lectures, as they are reppin’ it for the Trojans alumni, but that doesn’t they can’t be inspired by Dre.

Their spoof on the hit “Still D.R.E” isn’t terrible, but …

Well, we’ll just let the video take it from here.

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[Video via Monish Tyagi, H/T: College football Reddit]

  • Mark Cluff

    LOL…Looks like Dre has BOW’D DOWN to Jimmy Iovine