Tom Brady told Tim Tebow he was trying to watch over Aaron Hernandez, Brandon Spikes in 2011

tim tebow tom brady watch aaron

Back in 2011, Tim Tebow was the toast of the NFL. He was starring as The Comeback Kid for the Denver Broncos, leading his team to one heart-stopping fourth-quarter comeback after another. What’s more, he was doing so as “The Chosen One.”

Unfortunately, there would be no heroics against New England and future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady.

As it turns out, however, there were theatrics – at least now that we look back upon the situation with the benefit of hindsight. After Brady’s Pats took down Tebow’s Broncos, 41-23, the two met at midfield. Fans are always left to wonder what these guys are saying to each other as the cameras zero in on them, and now we know.

Brady first congratulated Tebow on his great season but concluded their handshake by saying, “I’m trying to watch over Aaron [Hernandez] and Brandon [Spikes] but … we’ve got a lot to handle.”

Both Hernandez and Spikes were teammates of Tebow’s at Florida. Hernandez is currently sitting in jail awaiting trial on charges of first-degree murder.

Brady could not have known anything to such an extreme level, but we can only be left to wonder what he meant – and how Tebow so easily understood what Brady was saying.

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[H/T: Big Lead Sports]