Take a virtual tour of Alabama’s new $9.1 million weight training facility

Photo courtesy @mtinney43.

Alabama recently unveiled their new $9.1 million weight training facility, and until now fans were simply relegated to photos.

Thanks to Laken Litman of Scout.com and Alabama strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran, we now get an inside look at the impressive new addition to the Alabama empire.

Talk about the rich getting richer:

The two-story, 37,000-square foot facility is a heaven for workout-aholics. It overlooks the Thomas-Drew Practice Fields on one side, and connects to the Hank Crisp Indoor Practice Facility on the other.

“Every day I walk in the door and I’m humbled by this,” Cochran said on the tour, outstretching his arms. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”

The palace of weights (as it should be dubbed) features a state-of-the-art nutrition center to fuel student-athletes. There are bowls of fresh fruit, KIND bars and cups of Gatorade set out, and there is also an interesting motivational sign on the wall that says, “Sweat is just your fat crying.”

The weight room also has a booming sound system to help motivate athletes during training.

For those of you who were wondering if the Tide and Saban were going to fall off anytime soon, watching this video will all but toss any of those thoughts out of your mind.

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