Trick Shot Titus takes on Kobe Bryant on Jimmy Kimmel Live

trick shot titus jimmy kimmel kobe bryant

Two-year old sharp-shooting phenom Trick Shot Titus was at it again on Sunday night. After absolutely dominating Shaq on Jimmy Kimmel Live, this time the tyke with the hot hand was primed to take on none other than Kobe Bryant.

So, how did it go?

Well, Lakers fans should be pumped about two things: First, Bryant managed to shoot his way into a 4-4 tie with little Titus. Second, the legend was walking around pretty well on that surgically repaired Achilles tendon of his.

Although he was not victorious, Titus and his old man were the obvious winners on the set. How else to explain the mini-baller’s new kicks?

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[H/T: NBA Reddit]