Umpire ejects Indians’ Mike Aviles after game, because that makes sense

mike avil thrown out after game

The 2013 Major League Baseball season has been an unforgettable one for old blue. On Tuesday night in Yankees Stadium, the umpires managed to keep their season rolling.

Following a fly-out by Mike Aviles, home plate umpire Tony Randazzo ejected the infielder. Players getting ejected is nothing new in baseball, however, this case had two problems.

First, the out by Aviles was the final one of the game, so he wasn’t thrown out of the game until after it was over. Doesn’t even make sense, right? Is there terminology for throwing a player out of a post-game?

Second, Randazzo horribly missed a call on Avile during the at-bat.

As Avile ran off the field, he voiced his frustrations to Randazzo, who then proceeded to eject him.

Manager Terry Francona was not happy, to say the least. We don’t blame him, it was a 4-3 game at the time and a missed call on a pitch is crucial.

Here’s the video of how it all went down.

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