Video: Wale Allegedly Fights Fan At WWE Raw On Monday Night [NSFW]

Rapper Wale decided to join in on the WWE Raw fun on Monday night in the stands, allegedly fighting a fan. Following is a recount on the events that transpired in D.C., courtesy of

According to reports on social media, Wale was enjoying the show and eating popcorn when a Twitter user who exchanged words with him earlier in the night approached him. A scuffle then took place, and both Wale and the man he fought were taken backstage by WWE security after punches were thrown.

Wale apparently won the battle as he was escorted back to his seat to enjoythe show.

Here is video of part of the altercation from World Star Hip Hop:

Below is the Twitter exchange Wale engaged in with @Chefboymach (you can read more on his account):

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