Got him! Wes Welker dressed up like Britney Spears for high school pep rally

wes welker brittney spears high school

There was no Twitter, Facebook and hardly any YouTube back in 2000, but that hasn’t kept some pretty hilarious footage from Wes Welker’s high school days from leaking out in 2013.

The video you are about to see is something the current Denver Broncos wideout never wanted you to see. It is him, at Heritage Hall High School in Oklahoma City, Okla., in full-drag as Britney Spears for a pep rally.

Incriminating? Nope. Embarrassing in the locker room? Definitely. Asked by Dan Hellie, host of NFL Total Access, whether his drag days had actually happened or were just a myth, Welker was forthright, much to his own chagrin.

“I’d love to say false, but they have me on video. I’ve already bought them off, so you won’t be seeing that anytime soon.”

Wrong there, buddy. KWTV dug deep into the archives and came up with this bad boy. Watch out YouTube, this has got viral written all over it. – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

[H/T: Bob’s Blitz]