Video: Yasiel Puig talks about not making All-Star team, staying up late on Twitter

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Without a doubt, Yasiel Puig has been the biggest story in the Majors since he was called up in June. Unfortunately, him lighting baseball on fire has taken a back seat to media-driven controversy.

On Thursday, the world learned that the 22-year old would not be headed to the All-Star game. He finished second in fan voting for the final roster spot – but if you had been watching ESPN at any point you may have assumed Puig was the only player on the ballot.

After the fact, Puig talked to reporters about the fan vote, and about how the media has treated him and his words during his historic first month in the Bigs.

The Cuban native also shared the fact that he stays up crazy late on Twitter. Again, the Dodgers star is only 22.

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[Video via Inside the Dodgers]