Vince Carter, that wily old veteran, fakes an injury then slams thunderous dunk [Video]

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“What injury?”

Vince Carter has been in the league for a long time, and while he has not reached the lofty status his talent promised when he broke into the league, the high-flyer has learned a few things in his time.

Such as, for one thing, how to fake an injury to get wide open for an easy bucket.

Solid work, Mr. Carter. Now, what would be really impressive would be if he could pull off the trick a second time.

Of course, it’ll have to be more intense; Carter won’t just able to hang out in the corner and act winded. We’ve got a few ideas for him the next time he is looking for a wide open dunk.

  • Pull a move out of a soccer game and just straight up go down hard with a fake injury — you really have to sell it.
  • Release a bat into the crowd and around the playing floor.
  • Jog over to the bench and grab some water before sprinting towards the hoop for an alley-oop.
  • Do the same thing, but to a member of the crowd and some popcorn or nachos.
  • Do the same thing, but find someone on their cell phone — grab it, chat it up, then slamma jamma time.
  • Grab the cell phone, take it with you, and tweet a pic of yourself mid-air and laughing at how wide open you are.
  • Don’t ever — ever! — shave the beard; the older you look, the slower those crazy kids are going to think you are.

h/t: Gunaxin

This is cool, but it is not nearly as impressive as this NC State player’s amazing trick shot in practice.