Vince Young tweets that he’s ready to suit up for the Houston Texans

Vince Young to the rescue of his hometown team? Someone cue the Disney screenwriting staff.

The Houston Texans drafted DeAndre Hopkins out of Clemson to compliment star wide receiver Andre Johnson, but now the franchise can’t find anyone to throw to either of them. Matt Schaub struggled all season before going down with an injury against St. Louis on Sunday.

His backup, T.J. Yates, came in and promptly tossed two interceptions – one of which was returned 98 yards for a touchdown.

Young, the former Texas Longhorns sensation, was sitting at home watching all of this take place after the Packers signed and then released him during the preseason.

The former collegiate national champion then proceeded to take to Twitter to let the Houston front office know that he’s ready to man the offense of his native city’s team.

vince young ready for houston


Houston rapper Slim Thug is even ready to hand deliver him to the Texans.

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Houston plays the Jaguars on Dec. 5. Is there any way we can get a Tebow-Young matchup to spice up what will otherwise be a totally lackluster affair?