Vincent Smith gets paid to autograph pics of him getting crushed by Jadeveon Clowney [Photo]

Photo courtesy Busted Coverage

Photo courtesy Busted Coverage

South Carolina’s monstrous Jadeveon Clowney delivered the “Tackle heard ‘Round the World” during the Gamecocks’ win over Michigan in the 2013 Outback Bowl. While the name of Vincent Smith — the guy who lost his helmet, the football, and his soul in the hit — may wind up being lost to history, there is no reason why the recently graduated running back can’t make a little coin on his misfortune right now.

The folks over at Hall of Framers in Maumee, Ohio got Smith to autograph several copies of his (in)famous photo to be sold in the store. Our friends over at Busted Coverage took the initiative, calling a salesperson to get a little info on Smith’s willingness to sign this thing.

“(Smith) was doing a show at Gibralter (famous Michigan trade center/flea market/card show building) and signed 10 for the public and then signed some for my dad.”

Did he have a problem signing a photo of himself being destroyed?

“No, not at all.”



How many are left?

“One framed.”

Smith graduated following the game, so he is able to cash in on this shot in any way he’d like. So, while his autographs were worth a whopping 600 bucks in one afternoon, the dude who actually leveled the hit on Smith still has yet to be paid a dime for his efforts.

But enough about whether or not collegiate student-athletes can or should be paid. Let’s just enjoy the hit one more time — it sure looks like Smith is enjoying it plenty right about now.

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