Vinnie Sunseri starts ‘Four Month Countdown’ for surgery recovery

Alabama coach Nick Saban informed reporters that starting safety Vinnie Sunseri is out for the year with a knee injury. However, Saban did not specify which torn knee ligament forced Sunseri into surgery.

Perhaps, and luckily for the Crimson Tide, it may not be a torn ACL. Sunseri underwent successful surgery and then began his “#4monthcountdown” to recovery.

Sunseri’s stated recovery time leads us to believe he did not tear his ACL. Generally speaking, ACL tears take eight months to a year, if not longer, to heal. A torn meniscus may take a few months, but, again, we don’t know definitively the extent of his injury.

We do know that if he only takes four months to recover, Saban’s Crimson Tide will have one of the best defenders in the nation patrolling its secondary in 2014.

As Sunseri said, let the countdown begin.