Virginia Tech set to debut ‘Hokie Stone’ helmet against Georgia Tech

Photo: Phil Hecken/Twitter

Photo: Phil Hecken/Twitter

Virginia Tech will be busting out these alternate “Hokie Stone” helmets against conference rival Georgia Tech, according to Phil Hecken of Uni Watch.

Fans that might not otherwise care have officially been given a reason to tune into Thursday night’s nationally televised ACC showcase game. The Yellow Jackets are commemorating the 100th anniversary of Grant Field by sporting a slick set of white throwback jerseys, but Va. Tech just blew the UniSwag game right out of the water.

We had recently reported that the helmet you see above was in the developmental stages of fabrication, leading us to believe we would not be seeing it until far later in the year, if at all.

Luckily, our assumptions proved incorrect. The inspiration for the new lid is the stone that is unearthed near campus. Roughly 80-percent of the buildings at Virginia Tech have been built with this stone, so the look is a excellent way to commemorate the building blocks of their institution.

We are excited and interested to see how the helmets look on the playing field.