Virginia Tech professor, students guarantee a loss to Alabama

Photo: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Things are really looking up for the Hokies against the Crimson Tide. Oh wait, they’re not you say?

Alright, perhaps the outlook for Saturday’s showdown in the Georgia Dome is a bit bleak. It seems as if nearly every starting player is out with an injury, and adding insult to injury (had no choice but to use that word), Virginia Tech’s team heading into the game against Alabama will be 40-percent freshmen.

That is very little collective experience facing off against a program that has tasted ultimate victory in three of the last four years.

All of that being said, however, isn’t this why they play the games? Anything can happen on any given Saturday, and anyways, Blacksburg should be brimming with excitement over the kickoff of such a big, nationally televised game.

Or not.

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Coleman should be shaking his head. Can’t we get a little school spirit around here?

Unfortunately, Coleman may not even have the chance to shut his professor and fellow students up. With not one, but two badly sprained ankles, the team’s leading rusher in 2012 is listed as “questionable” for Saturday’s big game.

Roll Tide?

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