Virtual video tour of Arizona State’s Sun Devil Stadium renovations

Arizona State will begin a major renovation on Sun Devil Stadium in February 2014. By the time the project is completed in 2017, the new facility will have cost roughly $225 million.

Primary work on the stadium entails removing 5,700 seats in the upper north end zone. A majority of the renovations will happen from 2015 to 2017. Sun Devil Stadium’s upgrades and additions during phase two include the following:

There will be more legroom and seatbacks in the new stadium. All public areas — concourse, restrooms, concessions, ramps — will be rebuilt. More room between concourses will allow for a new premium seating level of suites and club seating. A new sound system will be installed.

In a world where seemingly every high-profile stadium upgrade solicits taxpayer money, ASU will not. The new features will be subsidized by private donations, naming rights, PAC-12 revenue, and money earned from stadium operations.

Below is a virtual video tour of the planned renovations for Sun Devil Stadium.