Wade Phillips chronicles his unemployment and job hunt on Twitter

Tons of information passes through Twitter daily. Some of it worthwhile, most of it clutter. More and more, people are living their lives virtually on the site.

These pedantic conversations rarely interest me, but for some reason I’m fascinated by Wade Phillips. He’s always seemed like a nice guy. Even when getting rolled as a head coach, Bum’s boy was a sympathetic figure.

Ever since being let go by the Texans, Phillips has sporadically posted tweets with vague updates on his job status. I’ve got to be honest, I’m rooting for the guy. There’s just something heart wrenching about his messages.

  • bill

    Could be that the Texans horrific play this past season made the other teams think twice about you as DC?

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  • Herbert Smith

    Wade, you’re 66 years old. Kick back and enjoy you life. No need to work anymore.