Meet Chantel Jeffries: DeSean Jackson’s new bikini model girlfriend [Gallery]

chantel jeffries desean jackson girlfriend bikini 4

Both Crossing Broad and Big Lead Sports have confirmed the relationship between Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson and bikini model Chantel Jeffries.

If that isn’t a good enough reason to post a gallery to our collection of WAGS, well, we don’t know what is.

Enjoy — goodness knows the camera is.

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[Photos via Chantel Jeffries Instagram]

And for those of you who feel like being extremely jealous of a multi-millionaire with a bikini model girlfriend, here’s Jackson having his breakfast cooked for him but Jeffries.

We’ll take some scrambled eggs with our blown minds, thanks very much.

  • Mexoplex

    im jealous because he’s rich and she looks good AAANNNDDDDDD she can cook. If she isnt snobby but down to earth, thats a triple threat and he better marry her.

  • jfw3

    She looks like a tranny. Not attractive at all. Too each his own I guess.