Warren Sapp blasts Al Golden, defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio

Warren Sapp is doing a good job of finding his way into the headlines recently. On Tuesday, he voiced his opinion on Michael Strahan and the Hall of Fame. Just a day later, Sapp blasted Miami Hurricanes coach Al Golden and defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio.

While speaking with Adam Kuperstein and Channing Crowder of WQAM, Sapp held back no punches in regards to how he felt with the current defensive situation in Coral Gables.

“Don’t talk to me about Al Golden and whatever that D Coordinator’s name is,” Sapp said.

“Don’t ever hire someone that you can’t fire. That’s the golden rule. The D Coordinator is killing my school. That looks like no Miami defense in the history of our school.”

You can listen to the entire interview here.

[Thanks to Page Q for the hat tip]