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Washington Redskins have sense of humor as long as you explain the joke

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Cred: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins are a little sensitive during this disappointing season. A D.C. radio station that has mocked the franchise recently found itself in a sit-down with the team.

Host Danny Rouhier on WJFK-FM, a station also known as 106.7 The Fan, engaged in parody segments about the team, and the Redskins were none too happy. According to the Washington Post, the Redskins felt segments regarding ticket prices, poor play and low attendance were malicious, and potentially worth going to court over.

Team spokesman Tony Wyllie met with the station’s program director to address the bits.

“All we did was ask questions about what they were doing,” he (Wyllie) said in an interview. “Once they said it was all in jest, we were fine with it.”

He added, “I have a sense of humor, like everyone else. It’s a joke, and I take it as a joke. Once they said it was all a joke, that’s all there was to it.”

See, the Redskins do have a sense of humor. Just explain the joke, the punchline, and why everyone is laughing, and you won’t get sued.

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