Washington State fans drank all the beer at an Auburn bar

Photo: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Without a doubt, SEC fans go pretty hard. With so many big-time games each and every season, most are tailgating veterans. They know their favorite spots on campus, both near their home stadiums and during away games.

However, it looks like a massive group of Washington State fans just showed folks on The Plains how it’s really done.

No joke. The Cougars, who finished 3-9 a year ago, were set to play an out-of-conference season opener against Auburn, which also finished 3-9 a year ago. The game itself is expected to generate more offense than the ghost of Vince Lombardi can handle, but that’s besides the point.

It looks like the Cougs have already won the party.

washington state cougars fans beer auburn

Don’t simply take one tweet at face value, however. Craig Powers at the Coug Center blog called up Quixote’s and got confirmation.

“Your fans drank us completely out of beer,” Brooke the bartender said with disbelief. “We are going to have to close the place down.”


There is also photographic evidence for those of you still skeptical.

washington state cougars fans beer auburn 1

Yes, those are Crown Royal covers on all the beer taps. It was all over in Quixote’s. It took a reported 100 or so Cougars fans to make it all happen.

At this point, there seems to be only one thing left to say:

washington state cougars fans beer auburn 2

  • echarleen

    Uhh,…. go Cougs?

  • GoCougs

    Way to Coug Up!