We Want Bama: Tulsa edition

Tulsa, come on down. You’re the next contestant on “We Want Bama.” Let’s meet your fellow contestants.

The Oregon Ducks: record of 8-1

The Stanford Cardinal: record of 8-1

The Florida State Seminoles: record of 9-0

The Ball State Cardinals: record of 9-2

The Northern Illinois Huskies: record of 10-0

A Random Pop Warner team: record unknown, but they’re full of pluck.

Let’s see how you stack up, Tulsa. A 2-8 record, huh? You’re just the kind of team that should want ‘Bama. Maybe you’ll make the schedule in a few years and earn a cool $700,000 to get your teeth kicked in, a la Georgia State. Congratulations, we have a winner.

For those wondering, Tulsa lost to Marshall, 45-34.



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  • This guy….

    It’s a sarcastic sign. Everyone knows TU football sucks.