Wes Welker is all about his hair transplant surgery

Photo via Ryan Wilson, CBSSports.com/USATSI

Photo via Ryan Wilson, CBSSports.com/USATSI

Wes Welker is only 32 years old. In everyday life, that is still actually really young these days (don’t laugh, college kids, you’ll be there soon enough).

But in football years, one of the most recent additions to the Denver Broncos is practically an old man — and he has the natural hairline to prove it. The photo on the left above, during his time in New England, looks like just that. Here’s a guy that was feeling so glum about his receding ‘do that he went so far as to grow a mustache.

Do you notice anything different in the photo on the right? That is a lot more hair on top and a lot less above his lip. So what gives?

Welker’s hair is not actually Welker’s hair at all, and he has no problem singing the virtues of his hair transplant surgery to the world.

“[The growth] doesn’t happen right away,” Welker told USAToday.com‘s Chris Strauss. “You start to see a little bit after two or three months and in six months you get to see a little more. Once you get up to a year you’re really starting to see the difference. It takes a full 18 months till it’s fully grown in. …”

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” he said. “If you want to have hair, have hair. I don’t like to sit there and say ‘What are you talking about? I never got my hair done.” People can notice it without wondering.”

Hey, at least it’s not a tupee, right? Imagine dealing with one of those under a football helmet.

Talking about imagination, the fine folks over at CBS’ Eye on Football got to wondering what Welker may have looked like had he gone a different route with his transplant decision.

For example, what if the star wide receiver has chosen some Questlove hair instead?

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