Who Won The NFL Draft: Hot Takes From The First Two Days

After what seemed like a decade, the NFL Draft delivered in primetime once again. As much as we all complained about the draft being moved, I’m sure plenty of you watched from start to finish. With that said, the first three rounds are in the books and already Super Bowl champs are being crowned. Here are a few instant reactions regarding the first two days:

The NFL can do whatever it wants and people are going to watch. Even after moving the draft back two weeks, it killed television ratings – and I’m pretty sure Twitter needed a Red Bull about halfway through the first round.

Once again, national media insiders didn’t get the memo about not revealing selections until the official announcement. ESPN did its job by not showing people on the phone beforehand, which was a welcome change. Nonetheless there are always a few national guys and girls who want to be Debbie Downers by spoiling the suspense. Congratulations, you got the first tweet.

Apparently it’s a reach to grab a 6’5 235-pound quarterback 3rd overall, even though most draft “experts” had him going No. 1 to Houston only a few weeks ago. As a Jaguar fan, I’m excited. The Jaguars took the guy they wanted, but because they’re the Jags they’ll get dogged for it.

Speaking of dogs, the Browns are bringing the circus to town. I felt bad for Manziel as cameras gave him the Brady Quinn treatment throughout the first round. Jon Gruden was going to throat-punch someone if Manziel made it to Day Two. I felt even worse for Justin Gilbert, who had to sit through that press conference the next day in Cleveland. The Browns got the spark they needed, at least according to a homeless guy.

I’m a bit worried about Teddy Bridgewater in Minnesota. Look at the teams in that division: Green Bay – Aaron Rodgers (big arm); Detroit – Matt Stafford (big arm); Chicago – Jay Cutler (big arm). You get the point. I just don’t know if Bridgewater has the arm to play in that weather. I’m glad he made it into the first round, but I’m not sure Minnesota is the best fit.

Speaking of quarterbacks, the Texans still don’t have one.

We were told the draft was going to be deep with wide receiver talent and this year’s class didn’t disappoint. The Bills got younger and faster at the position, but at what cost? Sammie Watkins might be the truth, but he didn’t come cheap. The Jaguars found Blake Bortles, I mean Chad Henne’s new weapons with Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson. David Caldwell should be in jail for grand theft. The Bucs are rounding out their basketball team with 6’5 Mike Evans; the Giants found their deep threat in Odell Beckham; and the Panthers are instantly better with Kelvin Benjamin.

The NFL forgot about the running back position. Completely.

Roger Goodell’s hug game is still skrong.

Mel Kiper + Jon Gruden = Magic.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of the draft grades in a few days, because we all know Super Bowls are won in May.

Who do you think won the draft? Vent below.