Will Grier’s locker room Vine making fun of lacrosse is gaining attention

On Monday morning, The Independent Florida Alligator’s Adam Lichtenstein brought to light a Vine Florida quarterback commit Will Grier posted on April 18, 2013. The Vine, which is titled “Lax es gay,” is of Grier in the locker room making fun of the lacrosse team. He refers to several players with a homophobic slur, calling them “fags” and lacrosse “gay.”

For those interested in listening to the Vine below, you can un-mute on the top left corner.

One thing to remember is that this was a high school junior at the time. Nearly everyone reading this probably made at least one questionable decision as an adolescent. Expecting him to already be a matured adult would be wishful thinking. As long as he leaves this behavior behind in high school, Grier and the Gators will be okay.

*UPDATE* The Vine has been removed.