Will Muschamp jabs Big 12, compares it to Canadian football

Will Muschamp took the podium on Tuesday to address the media heading into spring football. Coach Boom discussed injuries, Kurt Roper’s new offense, last year’s abysmal 4-8 season, and several other topics.

The best soundbite, however, came when discussing college football’s popular offseason topic of the pre-snap, and the NCAA’s recent shelving of the 10-second rule. Muschamp took the opportunity to give his former conference, the Big 12, a nice jab. The following according to Thomas Goldkamp of GatorBait.net:

On the 10-second rule being dropped, Muschamp said he doesn’t think what we’re doing right now is wrong. He thinks administration of the game is difficult for the officials. Believes SEC does a great job doing it.

Said when he was in the Big 12, there would be 2-3 guys moving on offense. “This isn’t Canadian ball.”

So what you’re saying is the SEC is America, and America is the SEC, right coach?

Let’s face it, nobody wants Canadian ball around the land of the free and home of the brave. It’s time to get your act together, Big 12.