Will Muschamp Speaks The Truth On Early Signing Period, Northern Schools

While not on the level of say Steve Spurrier or Les Miles, Will Muschamp is always good for a solid quote. Coach Boom just doesn’t shy away from the truth. That’s why, when asked about an early college football signing period for recruiting at the SEC’s Spring Meetings in Destin on Tuesday, the Gators head coach cut straight to the point.

Muschamp is all for an early signing period, just like the majority of the rest of the SEC coaches. This is likely due to the fact that the recruiting season would see changes, and force northern schools to host recruits during the coldest parts of winter. Thus giving potential signees a real sense of what the year-round weather is like.

When it comes to college football recruiting, a coach and program will take every advantage they can get. For the Gators and other southern schools like FSU, Alabama and Georgia, the weather is a big selling point to high school athletes. In turn, it can be a detriment to those who have nice weather for only a fraction of the year.