Will Muschamp: Gators Will ‘Compete For A Championship’ In 2014

The Florida Gators have been driving away from 2013 like a bat out of hell. Ever since the calendar changed to 2014 and Kurt Roper was brought in, energy surrounding the football program has taken a drastic turn. The offense, for one, is having fun. And while fans may still be hesitant until they see the product on the field, there is plenty of optimism that Roper can get the job done.

But will that job be enough to compete for an SEC championship? Head coach Will Muschamp believes so.

Muschamp also stated that Roper has instilled confidence in offensive players, something that has been severely lacking during the head coach’s first three years.

When you take into account the events of last season, with injuries piling on top of injuries, it’s not off base to believe that Florida can make a large turnaround in one season. The talent is there, the defense will always be stout, and the offense appears to finally have someone at the helm who can evaluate players and put them in a position to succeed.

There are as many tools in place in Gainesville as there are in Athens, Columbia (x2), and Knoxville. Anything less than competing for a championship would be an underachievement.