Settle It: Will Tim Tebow make the New England Patriots’ Week 1 roster?

New England Patriots quarterbacks Tom Brady (left) Tim Tebow (center) and Ryan Mallett (right) stretch at the practice field during Minicamp at Gillette Stadium. (Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports)

New England Patriots quarterbacks Tom Brady (left) Tim Tebow (center) and Ryan Mallett (right) stretch at the practice field during Minicamp at Gillette Stadium. (Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports)

One of the most successful franchises in all of sports over the last decade, the New England Patriots seem to be entering a state of flux. The team’s heart and soul, future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady, is 35 years old, practically ancient by NFL standards.

Well-respected players – and members of the Boston-area community – Troy Brown, Mike Vrabel, Tedy Bruschi and so many others have gone on to either other teams, coaching or the broadcast booth.

In their stead are names such as Rob Gronkowski (notorious partier) and Alfonzo Dennard (arrested on suspicion of DUI on Thursday, may have violated 2012 parole). We won’t even get started on the recently cut Aaron Hernandez.

Now, we’re not here to say that “The Patriot Way” is, well, going away. Not at all. What we are saying is that bringing aboard solid locker room personalities may be just as important to New England’s Super Bowl hopes in 2013 as raw talent.

Yes, the franchise was able to do wonders with a formerly troublesome Randy Moss, but recent swings and misses in its efforts signal, perhaps, a need to look to a different type of player to try to win games.

Since Tim Tebow was signed to a low-salary deal off the scrapheap, owner Robert Kraft has already begun singing the praises of him on the practice field and his indefatigable, pious persona.

But would he actually be a good fit on the Pats’ roster?

When expert Mike Rodak put Tebow’s chances of actually still being on the team come Week 1 of the 2013 season at a mere 25-percent, we here at Gamedayr got to pondering over exactly that question.

The benefits to bringing a guy like Tebow aboard have been listed above, but to win a Super Bowl, a team needs a lot more than simply a “nice guy” lined up in punt protection. The Chosen One would need to prove his value on the field, and that is where things may get iffy. When the signing was first reported, the team was adamant that Tebow would be learning to play quarterback behind Brady and solid No. 2 Ryan Mallet.

The Pats have shown that they are more than comfortable going with only two quarterbacks on Sundays instead of three, so Tebow could begin looking around at new positions, obviously. At 6-foot-3, 230 pounds and fast enough to make things happen, the former Heisman winner has the ability to play various positions. He also happens to be on probably the only team that has consistently shown the desire to move players all over the field.

But does he have the desire? Reports out of New York during last season’s debacle with the Jets were that Tebow was looking to play quarterback and did not put in the time to succeed elsewhere.

With Hernandez sitting in jail without parole and Gronk recovering from yet another surgery, this time for his ailing back, is there an opportunity for Tebow to show off his skills elsewhere on the field, namely the tight end position?

We hate to even suggest that the horrible situation Hernandez finds himself in might benefit Tebow, so we leave it up to you, the erstwhile member of Gamedayr Nation.

ESPN’s expert puts Tebow’s chances of making the roster at 25-percent. What do you think?

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Robert Kraft claims to have been “duped” by Aaron Hernandez

  • Doug Justus

    brady wants him….he is staying

    • Nicki

      I want to believe that you are correct that Brady is behind Tebow, but what makes you say that, I haven’t seen anything substantive from Brady about Tebow.