Wisconsin Badgers unveil new alternate red football helmets for Week 2

Photo: Paul Lukas/Twitter

Photo: Paul Lukas/Twitter

The Wisconsin Badgers have chronicled the program’s first offseason under newly hired head coach Gary Andersen in a mini-series titled “The Camp.” Thus far, we have seen a walk-on player emotionally awarded a scholarship, the battle for the starting quarterback position unfold and even iPads given to every player on the team. Episode 4 was utilized to make a surprise unveiling of a new helmet the very traditional Badgers will be sporting at various points in 2013.

We know for sure that the team will be sporting the above lid against Tennessee Tech during Week 2. With a cardinal red base and white Motion W, it inverts the colors of the team’s standard white-and-red look. Andersen mentions, near the end of the video clip below, that the helmets will be used at other points during the year, but the “when” is going to be a surprise.

Small tweaks like this are fantastis for recruiting, and if the Badgers are going to continue to keep pace with the Michigans and Ohio States of the world, modernizing the traditional feel of the program is a necessity.

Of course, going to a fourth consecutive Rose Bowl this fall wouldn’t hurt either.

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  • Jim G.

    Not a fan of the new red helmet… I know coaches like to usher in some kind of change to mark their new regime, but this helmet looks cheap; maybe if it was a richer red like the KC Chiefs…

  • christopher

    if the packers have the cheese heads, does that mean we can call these the red heads ?